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Mirage SCAS

Mirage is an energetic little fellow who loves exploring the outdoors, taking walks and even swimming when given the chance.  Basically, anything that affords him the chance to be outside works for him!  He is a Australian Cattle dog/Blue Heeler mix, and true to his breed, Mirage is a dog that needs to keep busy in order to be at his best.  He is sweet and affectionate, but needs a good amount of exercise before settling in to rest. We’d love to see him have a fenced yard so he can get an adequate amount of outdoor time. He loves to play fetch, or run and play with soccer balls that are nearly as big as he is!!

Mirage was picked up as a stray by a rural animal control.  He sat in a crate at the facility for weeks before he was rescued and fully vetted for his trip to 11th Hour.  Perhaps that’s why he’s not a fan of confinement and would do best in a home where his people are around most of the time.  He’s an absolutely gorgeous dog, but would do best with a strong handler who understands the breed.

Mirage is great in the car, decent on leash and knows some basic commands, but hasn’t had much one on one training.  He can be reactive around dogs so we think he may be best as the only dog in the house.  He is a favorite of our staff and volunteers alike, so if you have the time to give, and are in need of an awesome little buddy, please consider Mirage!  Please fill out a Dog Adoption Application at www.ehrdogs.org on this great boy today & be sure to ask for him by name - MIRAGE SCAS.


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