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Max aka Maximus' Sponsorship Page
Max aka Maximus

Max is a big mush of a dog that enjoys the attention of people and smiles from ear to ear when you talk to him. He loves going for a ride in the car and makes the best co-pilot, ever!! Max the Mush has been at the kennel for almost 8 years on and off! It is truly heartbreaking. Max is soo loving and loyal!! He is great in the car, loves walks, his toys, and is food motivated!

Max is approximately 11.5 years old, but he acts much younger. The high stress environment of the kennel is no place for him to live out the rest of his life. He has not had very many opportunities to interact with other dogs so he would do best in a single pet house unless we could find the perfect match of a doggie sibling. Max has met a volunteer's dog and did well with her; even showing signs of wanting to play. However, he has never lived with one, so that might be too stressful of a change for him. He has not reacted well to cats, so we are firm with the no felines rule. 

The ideal home for Max would be quiet without many visitors. He would do best with older, respectful kids as he gives big, rough kisses that may startle or knock over a younger child. Max would also need someone who is willing to take it slowly with him and willing to meet him several times before bringing him home. He is such a gem that continuously gets overlooked. He has so much love to give, we promise you will not need anything else if you have Max. He always has the biggest smile on his face, too. Please consider Max!

If you're willing to take a chance on Max, you will be rewarded with a loyal & trusting friend. Please consider giving Max a home to live out his golden years!

Max won the heart of a family and they have very kindly sponsored Max's adoption fee!!!

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